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How To Eat Yoshinoya’s Gyudon with Japanese Style

Good evening, we’re here at Yoshinoya! If you live in the States, you might be familiar with this logo in the dark. We decided to have dinner tonight at this place to experience the life of a Japanese working class gentleman. I already know my menu, so here goes!

This is a set of a “gyuu-don (rice bowl with seasoned beef and onions on it),” “miso soup,” a small side of salad and dressing, and a raw egg. Yeah, you read it right, an egg that’s just cracked into a small bowl! Now that we got our meal, I’ll walk you through with how to savor it, the delicious Japanese way!

The first step is to add a bit of “beni-shouga (colored ginger).” This could totally be an option, but it adds color to the plate. Next, for those of you spicy food lovers, take the “shichimi (Japanese spice mixture)” and sprinkle as much as you like to your bowl. We’re close to eating our first bite, people! Beat the egg to your liking, because some people like it well beaten, whereas some like it just swirled (kinda like steak, huh?). Top the egg onto your gyuu-don, and it’s finally chow time!

Yoshinoya may sound too casual for a decent meal, but there’s always a hidden gem. If you ever had your beef bowl like this, tell us how you liked it! 

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