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4 Choices for Yakiniku & Yakitori: The Tachigui Style Spreading Beyond Soba!

If you’ve ever been to Japan, have you seen a scene like this in a train station? They’re  known as “tachigui” (stand-and-eat) style restaurants. Middle-aged men stand here on their way to work and slurp down their soba in about 5 minutes.

This kind of tachigui style has slowly been spreading to other foods. It’s good because you can eat in a short amount of time and enter the restaurant even if you’re alone. And on the restaurant’s side of things, the customer turn-over rate is high so they can offer low prices. It’s a mutually-beneficial system.

Here are 4 yakiniku tachigui-style restaurants in Tokyo that we at GJ recommend.



1. Jiromaru


This is Jiromaru, the hottest tachigui yakiniku restaurant in Japan right now.

You can eat the highest quality A5-ranked meat for 100-300 yen. And you can order meat by singular strips so women can come here alone and eat without worry of wasting food.

A row of rare cuts in a sushi restaurant-style showcase. “Zabuton (ザブトン)” is a precious cut that you can only get a few kg from with a single cow. In Japanese, it shares the same word as the word for a floor cushion, haha.

I ordered just one. God! It’s like a steak!

Information: Jiromaru

Address: 1-26-3 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
[label style=”3″]Nearest station[/label]: Seibu Shinjuku Station
Open: 11:30 ~ next day 5:00 (7 days a week)
Phone: 03-6380-3292
Price: Total 2000 ~ 4000 yen
*8/26 Akihabara Store New Open, Map



2. Rokkakai


Rokkakai is said to be the instigator for tachiyakiniku. It’s extremely narrow so all the customers share several cooking braziers. It’s like having a BBQ with your friends and you’ll become close with the others even if it’s your first time meeting. There are also several married couples who met this way.

Of course they use the highest quality meat as well. I also ought to tell you the sake here is delicious!

Information: Rokkakai

Address: 2-13-24 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[label style=”3″]Nearest station[/label]: JR Kanda Station (east exit)
Open: 17:30 ~ 24:00 (Closed: Sunday)
Phone: 03-3252-8644
Price: Total 2000 ~ 3000 yen



3. Toriyu



The righteous king of tachigui yakitori. People getting off their trains are drawn here by the smells coming from where it stands outside the train station. With this in mind, you’re probably picturing a scene where someone’s drooling as they’re led by the smell. 

The system here is to eat your fill of the cooked yakitori then tell them how many skewers you had at the end for your total. It has the charm of a food stall!

The beer’s already here! Yakitori & beer = perfection!

Information: Toriyu

Address: 3-19-10 Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
[label style=”3″]Nearest station[/label]: Tokyu Meguro Line Musashikoyama Station
Open: Mon – Fri 14:00 ~ 22:00, Sat – Sun 12:00 ~ 22:00
Phone: 03-3788-3458
Price: 150 yen/ 1 skewer



4. Ikinari! Steak


As you can tell by the name, they don’t have much on the menu here. Enough with the appetizers—bring on the steak! Under the picture of the chef it says “The owner’s hungry. Steak time!” lol

Everyone’s eating in total silence. Meat, meat, meat~ Go today, go tomorrow, and enjoy!

This is a fancy restaurant with no inferior products! They have a long line every day but I highly recommend that you line up for it.

Information: Ikinari Steak

Address: 1-1-16 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[label style=”3″]Nearest station[/label]: Toranomon Station
Open: 11:00 ~ 23:00 (7 days a week)
Phone: 03-6206-6929
Price: Lunch 1000 ~ 2000 yen, Dinner 2000 ~ 3000 yen

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