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X Japan’s First National Tour After 20 Years!

On 8/19, Japan time, the leader of X Japan Yoshiki held a press conference in a Tokyo hotel and announced they’d be touring nationally, their first tour in 20 years since their 1995-96 Dahria Tour. The dates for this Japan tour will be 12/2 to 12/14. Next year on 3/11/2016, they plan to release their first album in 20 years. X Japan already has fans all over the world but said this is the first album available overseas.

There was a cacophony of joyful cries from many diehard fans upon receiving the news. Given the fans’ reactions, there are many who want to see them live while they’re living and getting tickets is expected to be difficult.

All fans know about how drummer/pianist Yoshiki’s right wrist tendon snapped in half and is serious enough to need surgery. He’s postponed surgery to give priority to the national tour, and gave his thanks to his supportive fans.


#XDAY Coming Soon

They’re also planning on having a grand live concert in London on release day to commemorate their album.


X Japan has already surpassed that of a mere rock band. Their way of life has a lot of charisma and there’s no doubt of the huge impact this has had on many.

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