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Goin’ Japanesque!

Welcome to the Cinema!

Welcome to the Cinema, where recent Japan has totally westernized and copied its style. Although they don’t have nachos yet, it’s all about popcorn and drinks! The feeling and the smell you get when entering the lobby (is that how you call it?) is exactly like those AMC Theaters in the western region. The price of the food? Well, let’s say it’s not a super brainer to figure that one out.

Even the posters for the upcoming movies are displayed the same way! Wait, Ugly Betty the Japan Version is gonna be in theaters?? lol. So, if you ever feel homesick or nostalgic, the theater lobby is the place to hang out. I tried it myself, and I gotta say, it works pretty well especially if you have headphones on. 

Aaaaaaand here we go again. The ticket booth where you can buy your own way to see the movie. It accepts both money and credit cards. Let’s not forget the validation if you came here with your car. Like the western world, there’s the movie schedule right above these machines so you can see when yours is gonna start.

So I guess I can conclude that there is absolutely nothing that stands out as something Japanese when it comes to cinemas. Thinking about it, there are no outdoor cinemas to be seen in this country either. You know, the movies you can watch inside your cars, tuning the radio for that specific movie and whatnot. Why Japan doesn’t have those? This one’s not a brain buster as well, because there simply is no land space! So consider outdoor theaters are a luxury. 

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