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11 RARE Vending Machines to Make You Laugh + 2 Special to Japan

As you all know, Japan has the most vending machines in the world. The reason for this is that Japan’s safer than other countries, it’s small so space has to be used effectively, and they can be used for emergency drinking water in disasters.

Here I’ll be talking about several interesting vending machines that even we Japanese don’t really understand. I’m a little worried what you guys are gonna think lol 


1. Yakiniku Tare Sauce



You may be thinking, “Is this really necessary?” but…

It’s for your take-out from yakiniku restaurants.


2. Latte art from Yojiya


Latte art from Yojiya, a long-standing cosmetics store in Kyoto. The technology that creates the art automatically is amazing!

Here’s an article on Yojiya: Selected 9 + 3, Japan’s Beauty Products: Introducing some things you may have never seen before!


3. Apples


Apples in the station! Rather cryptic lol


4. Hamburgers


This hamburger imitation (?) vending machine was in the news in Japan. Apparently it’s just the shopkeeper passing burgers through a small window but… it’s already manual labor!


5. Bananas


This is a slight digression but bananas in Japan are more expensive than in other countries. Or so I heard from my non-Japanese friends.


6. Daily Goods


Batteries, masks, band-aids and more. These are special to Japan.


7. Panties


??? lol


8. Hankos


Japanese hanko (signature stamps) get a lot of attention even abroad. Overseas, everyone uses a signature so they must like personalized items. Get your name engraved in its “kanji version”!


9. Rhinoceros Beetles


No comments… 


10. Natto




11. Dashi Stock with Kombu




Japanese are over convenience stores…

Now, without further ado, I’ll tell you about the vending sales system and vending items special to Japan!

12. Office Okan


As you can tell from the word “karoshi” (death by overwork), Japanese work a lot. So I’m sure you know about how we make the best use of our time, even with sleeping on the trains. While at work, if you go outside, there’ll be a convenience store close by but they’re bothersome and we try to avoid them.

Now there’s an increasing number of companies placing vending machines with dishes meant to replicate mom’s home-cooking (“okan”). They’re all 100 yen so they’re cheaper than convenience stores and we think they taste great because we’re so over convenience store food. In fact, here paying is optional and you can eat even if you don’t. Being built so heavily on trust is also probably a very Japanese thing.

Related Posts: – Delicious Bento Tips from Japanese Connoisseurs – Don’t Settle for Conbini!


13. Office Glico


Do you like Japanese sweets? These are “okikashi”. They’re all 100 yen for 1 and have the same system as the okan dishes so whether you put 100 yen in the frog’s mouth is up to you.

Well, what’d you think? Personally, I was surprised by the rhinoceros beetles lol

This marketing system comes from the countryside and has been used for a long time: Unattended stand; no cameras nor security guards

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