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Uchimizu: Saving the Environment while Conserving Traditions


Do you know what’s happening in the pictures? This is called “uchimizu,” and it’s a traditional Japanese way of getting through the summer. Using a ladle, you sprinkle water from a bucket onto the road. It’s both cooling to see and actually lowers the atmospheric temperature, too. Up until not long ago, you would often see uchimizu while walking through neighborhoods, but it’s not so common to see nowadays with the popularity of A/C.

However, global warming is becoming a big problem throughout the world and in Japan the “green” way of uchimizu is making a comeback. Just the other day on 7/24, there was an uchimizu event held in Marunouchi, Tokyo. “Green” sells so they used 800L of building drainage water for it. There are yukata rentals and it’s nice to partake in this Uchimizu Project while experiencing summer and enjoying oneself.

I believe it’s great to take another look at the wisdom of our predecessors so that it won’t be forgotten. I’m sure your country has many of its own, right?


And they also held the Bon-Odori dance at the same time. They built a wooden stage in downtown Tokyo and had nearly 100 dancers. And since Tokyo’s a big city, this festival—full of humanity’s goodwill—conversely stood out more.

The Uchimizu Project is recently beginning to get attention. It’s a very nice experiment because it’s good for the environment, passes traditions down to the younger generations, and at the same time opens up avenues for human-to-human communication. I really hope they continue it. This has become 1 event I look forward to in summer.

Uchimizu Project:

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