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“So good!” 3 Famous Tokyo Tsukemen (Ramen) Restaurants

We found the 3 best tsukemen from a countless number of Tokyo ramen shops. We fussed over where to pick but these 3 are without-a-doubt good! We whole-heartedly recommend these places for you to try when you come to Japan!


1. Michi


Recommended Menu

Tokusei Tsukemen 950 yen

The pork and seafood broth is very rich and goes excellently with the noodles. The noodles have a very thick body so they’re sure to satisfy your appetite. They have 2 different kinds of flavored chashu. And beyond that it comes with fish balls and they’re famous for their large variety.

Best Way to Eat

Notice how the toppings come in a separate bowl. This is proof of their confidence in their broth and noodles. First you should try them without any extras.

Nearest station: JR Kameari Station (North Exit), Maps


2. Ittou



Recommended Menu

Tokusei Noukou Gyokai Tsukemen 1100 yen

The chashu here comes as two slices of chicken and pork. In the soup are piping hot meatballs and spinach. This place is so famous that a line forms an hour before they open!

Best Way to Eat

They provide a fish soup that pairs with their broth so when you’re finished with the noodles enjoy just this soup as “soup-wari”!

*Soup-wari: Most tsukemen restaurants prepare fish soup for free. At the end of your meal, use it to dilute the broth and enjoy.

Nearest station: JR Shinkoiwa Station (North Exit), Maps





Recommended Menu

Karatsuyu Tsukemen 1160 yen

I’m sure you notice a difference with this one and our other one. First, the bowl isn’t porcelain—it’s aluminum, which is cooling. The reason why is because the broth here is a cold one. (Surprisingly rare.) And they have a hot spice on their broth and noodles, which increases your appetite. Cold and spicy—perfect for summer!

*These are more Western-feeling tsukemen, as opposed to Japanese-style

Best Way to Eat

First, mix the noodles and ingredients together with all your might, then eat when the noodles turn red from the spices. Also, their yuzu tsukemen is good so you should try those.

Nearest station: JR Ebisu Station (West Exit), Maps


We carefully selected 3 restaurants you won’t regret visiting. Out of these, I recommend Afuri. It’s near the school I went to as a student and I don’t know how many times I’ve eaten there. They’re so good that you’ll get addicted!

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