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Japanese juicy tonkatsu; we guarantee you will not leave even slightly peckish

You’re walking along and notice your stomach growling a bit, and by chance you stumble across an authentic tonkatsu (Japanese style pork cutlet) restaurant. Tonkatsu Wako is the name. Most people know tonkatsu, however not everyone knows the system in Japanese restaurants frequented by Japanese customers, so I’d like to introduce it a little here. 

We ordered the most standard tonkantsu set. The first thing that arrived was cabbege and oshinko, or Japanese pickles, a 4-item set! While the pork cutlet is being prepared, hungry customers are provided with the vegetable appetizers shown below, which not only are complimentary, but the arrive instantly. 

For those who were thinking, “I guess I’ll just munch on this shredded cabbage , ..nothing else to do..”, they realize after the fact they were mistaken. This is no ordinary cabbage, this is a treat! thanks to the super dressing it comes with. 

Why I recommend Tonkatsu Wako: top 3 list. First, the special Yuzu dressing….
Because this signature dressing is really delicious and refreshing, please be sure to use it! I didn’t imagine such rich sweetness from a just a bowl of cabbage! 

In fact, it was so delicious I had seconds, three times! (no joke!) 

That brings me to the second reason for my recommending this restaurant. You can get seconds of cabbage and pickles …for free! As many times as you like! Especially for young folks with big appetites, this is a definite bonus. Just be careful not to overdo it, as you won’t have any room for the main dish! 

In the meantime, in came the main dish, a the roast tonkatsu set! The menu also offers the cutlet in rice stew dish, however, I would first like to introduce the standard fare. The standard set is quite a plate-full of deliciousness in and of itself. 

Please take a look; isn’t the presentation great ? The cross-section showcases the remarkable juiciness of the cutlets,.. sure to get your digestive juices flowing, no pun intended. 

This brings me to the third reason for my recommendation of Wako, the free second helpings of rice! As many times as you like! For me this is the win-over point, (grin). 

Miso soup comes with the set, but you can choose from clam broth and a hearty pork based soup. And just in case you thought the seconds were over, the help-yourself philosophy actually also applies to miso soup. 

But if you don’t add karashi (Japanese mustard) , you are not eating tonkatsu the Japanese way. Make sure you use karashi.

The tonkatsu here really is delicious. So if you come to Japan, this is definitely a place you won’t want to miss! In fact, I should have taken a miss today if I think of the amount I ate! LOL!

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