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One Piece in Tokyo Tower, symbolizes Japan’s capital

 – Update – Tokyo One Piece Tower Info Below

Observation Area

Here we are at last, the establishment that symbolizes Japan’s capital, the Tokyo Tower! Oh, how I longed to come to this place, the very tower that I saw in so much movies and drama. Plus, some of you might know a certain famous Youtuber proposed to his girlfriend here.

All of us are familiar with this tower shown from a distance, but omg, it looks astounding like some colossus when you actually go to the foot of the tower and look up. Look at it, it’s soooooo overwhelming…..and my neck’s starting to hurt. lol

So, let us go inside to take the elevator, and go to the observation area. Is it just me, or is it crowded in here? I have a bad feeling that I might have to make my body as thin as possible when I’m going up. 


Look-down Window

WARNING: If you have a fear of heights like I do, do not look at this picture! …I was too late, wasn’t I? Now here’s an ordeal for someone like me, but after seeing many people peeking down below, I found myself taking pictures of what I can see. Maybe I thought the camera might be my rescue cushion IF I were to fall….or at least leave something in camera.

This is called the “look-down window,” but can do more than its name. It’s also a “stand-on-me-if-you-have-the-guts window,” which I couldn’t do without grabbing the handrail. I was lucky that no one was watching me, because just after I left the area, a small kid fearlessly jumped on the glass. Well, with my full grown adult form, I figured getting kicked out was inevitable, I told myself. 


Penny Machine

Looking around, I saw something veeeeeery familiar. Yes, it’s the penny machine we all know in the United States, except it’s the Tokyo Tower version! This is definitely good news for souvenir penny collectors, including myself.

You might be wondering, “but are there pennies in Japan?” The answer is “not American pennies, but there are 1 yen coins.” So you only have to put money in, and the machine will squeeze out a penny sized metal (sometimes bigger).

Now we have a Tokyo Tower limited edition coin! But that’s not just it, we also have our Hello Kitty version for you to remember that you’ve went up the tower with her. Nah, but seriously, I swear Hello Kitty is EVERYWHERE in this country. 


Panorama Scenery

I’ve climbed many towers in my life, but this is something different. It’s just breathtaking to just be atop, and look down at the Tokyo City. I can also see some noticeable buildings. The panorama is just SO spectacular. I bet the scenery will be like diamonds scattered all over when night comes.

We can also see the newly built “Sky Tree” from here as well. Tokyo Tower has a height of 333m (1,092.5ft.), whereas the Sky Tree has 610m (2,001.28ft.)! I know where I’m heading next. 


Tokyo Tower Guide Book

You’re wondering if the Tokyo Tower has detailed info for tourists from across the ocean? Fear not, because they have pamphlets that are written in at least 5 languages! Here’s the English one I grabbed.

The “Tokyo Tower Guide Book” will make your tour more educating as you walk your way around. Among the displayed items, there’s a simple blueprint, which got me more confused by those written numbers.

The displays even tell the history of Tokyo Tower, including pics that were taken as the tower was being built. I’m not bright in structural engineering in any way, but it’s still cool to see how the tower made its shape. There was a display of the tower’s timeline, talking about major events of the tower’s history. 



Now that we’ve finished the tower tour, it’s time to gather evidence that I actually came here! In other words, buying souvenirs. There are “Tokyo-Tower limited edition” goodies all around, so people can spend time admiring them, have a sample for each snack, and look at Hello Kitty. Here we go again.

A Tokyo Tower figure made of glass caught my eyes, so instead of buying it, I took a picture. It was so pretty and somewhat mesmerizing, and now I kinda regret not buying it. Now it’s difficult to get it, since it’s a “Tokyo Tower Limited Edition.”

So, remember ladies and gentlemen, that when touring in Japan and you come across a “limited edition” product (which most likely you will, because Japan just LOVES things that are limited), be sure to purchase it when you’re on the verge of even 50 or 60% of buying that product. That’s my advice to you when it comes to souvenir shopping, or even shopping in general when you’re on vacation. 


 Tokyo Tower


New Open, March 13, 2015 ~

Tokyo One Piece Tower


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