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Tiled roofs and power lines; the suburbia landscape in Japan

These tiled roofs are one characteristic of Japanese buildings. The tiles vary in material from clay, stones, cement and metal. Looking back at history, tiled roofs were introduced in the Asuka period, coming all the way from China through the Korean peninsula as a structural engineering technique for building temples. The tiled roofs are ideal and highly effective against rainy weather (“tsuyu”) and Typhoons that occur during summer, protecting the building. It also is stress-free to repair, since the whole roof is made out of individual tiles that can easily be replaced. 

You won’t be seeing these power lines when you’re in the midst of cities, but when you step out for some fresh air, you’ll still see them in the suburbia. Major cities around the world already have cables underground, but it’s still nice to see some in the sky especially if sparrows or doves are hanging out. I’m sure these would be a thing in the past, so I like to look up once in a while and notice them, with no reason, just because. [margin_60b]

Tiled roof craftsman



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