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Ramen lovers, you can’t miss this!

Ta-dah! The strange room was inside this tile roofed building, which happens to be a restaurant called “Mochi mochi no ki.” It’s one of the most popular Chinese noodle restaurants known for its fine quality noodles.

Their soup is another specialty, since it never gets cold! Can you guess why? It’s because the surface of the soup has a thick layer of oil that prevents the bouillon from losing its heat. Plus, you can get those extra calories! 

I chose this ramen to fill my tummy today! You can see the bamboo shoots at the top, and although they’re not the highlight of the dish, you can taste their quality once you put it in your mouth. You might think these bamboo shoots are hard in texture, but quite the contrary, they’re pretty soft.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the oil layer I was talking about. If you look close enough at the picture (or enlarge the), you can see those spoonful of oil/lard. For some, it may sound unhealthy, but this is part of this excellent bouillon that this restaurant is known for, so it’s definitely a must-eat / must-experience! 


Information: Mochi Mochi No Ki (Ramen)

Address: 287-2 Bansho, Noda-shi, Chiba
Open: Everyday, 11:00 – 23:00
Phone: 04-7127-6620
Price: Middle size 820 yen~
Official Website: Mochi Mochi No Ki

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Instant noodles in grocery stores

Yay! Instant noodles as far as the eye (camera) can see! You don’t need to be a chef or a scientist to eat these, I’m sure you all know. The recipe, I believe, is pretty universal….empty soup powder into the container, pour hot water, wait for 3 minutes, and voilá! Your noodles are ready.

But look at all these different flavors and brands! Some just come and go if they’re not popular, and some just has their special spot in the shelf for decades! Let’s see….there’s seafood, miso, salt, kimchi, curry, shrimp, and not just the noodles but dumplings, and udon, soba as well. You can’t find this big of a selection in foreign Asian markets. At least I’ve never seen one.

Here’s a question for all you Naruto fans out there; can you spot his favorite noodle brand? It’s here in the picture! 

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For ramen lovers

For those of you ramen lovers, this is the place to go! “Chinrai” is widely known and loved for its overloaded vegetable toppings, fast service, and most of all, its unique taste. The place is SO popular, it never has any seats open! 

Yes, finally! “party of 12 to seat number 9….” Just kidding, Japan’s not THAT overcrowded. lol Now we can eat at peace. 

Taking a gander at le menu…. 

Chopsticks, soysauce, eastern spice….everything is set and ready! Smells delish, just can’t WAIT for the meal! 

The Ramen du jour is everyone’s favorite, the vegetable ramen, sided with fried dumplings. The dumplings are crispy on the outside, and super juicy with meat and more veggies in the inside. These are a just a side dish, but if you want more, feel free to order anytime. 

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