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Japan’s cute, strawberry daifuku! Lightly sweetened but delicious confectionary!


Last week on my day off I was browsing around a shopping mall, when I came across a store selling Japanese confectionary. Of course in shopping malls there are specific areas for sweet things, but recently I’d eaten so many Western desserts like cakes and crepes that I’d gotten a little tired of them and wanted to go for something Japanese instead! When I saw the woman sitting beneath the Japanese-style umbrella, I suddenly felt very at ease. And… 


1. Ichigo-Daifuku

When I got closer to the counter as I was lining up I noticed a large, red strawberry Daifuku within the display. Yes, it was definitely Strawberry Daifuku! “Ichigo Daifuku” is a type of confectionary that was commonly eaten in Japan from the ‘Showa Period’ (1926-1989,) and consists of a strawberry and ‘anko’ (a type of red bean jam,) wrapped in ‘mochi’ (the closest translation being a kind of sticky ‘rice cake.’) The bitter-sweetness of the strawberry and the undeniable sweetness of the ‘anko’ really complement each other, making it something really delicious. The springy texture of the ‘mochi’ is also wonderful! The Strawberry Daifuku from this shop was around 220-yen each, so I had to buy some! 

Japanese Convenience Stores

Another thing that makes me happy is that now you can buy Strawberry Daifuku from Convenience Stores! Although I’m speaking of Strawberry Daifuku, there are many different varieties of Daifuku. They even have ones filled with cream or ‘anko’ like the ones I found in the shopping mall! Since the strawberry is wrapped within the rice cake it can be hard to see what kind of Daifuku it is, so when buying please be careful not to judge based off of the outside appearance of it alone!



Aaaaaand! There are also cute Strawberry Daifuku like this! 
This is the ‘Youkai Ichigo Daifuku’ that can be found in a store called “Edo-usagi” which is located in Nippori Station, Tokyo. It’s very popular at the moment! It looks a little like a cute snake sticking it’s tongue out, right? The strawberry looks kind of like a real tongue too! 
If you come and visit Japan, I’d love you to try it out for yourselves!



2. Ohagi

Ref: Eirakuya

Although I’ll go back to talking about the Japanese Confectioner we visited earlier, a variety of other sweets were also being sold there. 
This is a sweet called ‘Ohagi’ which is a type of dish made with glutinous and non-glutinous rice that is mixed together, left to cook and then mixed with ‘anko’ and ‘kinako’ (soybean flour.) This is a dish that was commonly eaten by regular civilians at home and at festivals. Although the texture of the rice grains remain, it still is a sweet! 
From the left hand side you can see the ‘Anko’ version and the ‘Kinako’ version. The ‘Kinako’ cannot be seen very clearly however as it is buried in flour! lol 


3. Kushi-dango

This is ‘Kushi Dango.’ These are a kind of individual, bite-size dango that are arranged on a skewer. Depending on the type they can be referred to by different names, however. 
The kind of ‘Kushi Dango’ that are browned slightly on the top are called ‘Mitarashi Dango,’ and this consists of ‘Mochi’ coated in soy-sauce-based honey. 
Similarly below, there are ‘Ohagi’ that have the same soybean flour flavour.
Each flavour is very delicious! In this store in particular each item was 75-yen each, and this kind of price is normal for buying such an item in Japan. I couldn’t take photos, but of course they also had the ‘anko kushi dango!’ 


This is how the dumplings are made by hand! 


Information: Edo usagi (Youkai Ichigo Daifuku)

Address: 2-14-11 Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3891-1432
Price: 1724 yen (Containing 6 Youkai Ichigo Daifuku)
Website: Edo Usagi

※NOTICE: temporary closing from Feb 18 for busyness. Please wait for update information. 

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