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No-face, No Sen, No Haku; Spirited Away

Wow, look at these Kaonashi (“No-face”)’s from “Spirited Away!” Since I stepped into this Ghibli collection filled store, I’m amazed at how every ornament or figures are so true to each movie. They depict every tiny scene, and all the detailed memories of the story flashbacks in my mind.

Speaking of which, I wonder where Chihiro/Sen and Haku is?? I understand they didn’t make the pig figures of the mother and father, but Sen’s you know, how do I say it….the protagonist if I remember correctly?

Like in this case, some sub-characters become more popular than the main heroes themselves and gets to be merchandised more often. Totoro’s another good example too, come to think of it. I rarely see the sisters, especially the older one making appearance as goods. Nonetheless, I guess people found the No-face more interesting and mystical, making him the mascot of the movie. 


Spirited Away – Trailer


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