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The SIM Card to Pick when You Travel Japan & 7 Money-Saving Reasons Why

Those of you who have already traveled to Japan probably have experienced problems with getting a signal in Japan. But! Now Japan is rapidly putting in place services for overseas visitors to enjoy.

However, in the countryside there’s still many places where you can’t use free Wi-Fi, and for there you’ll need a pre-paid SIM card. Recently they’ve started placing SIM card vending machines in airports. But which SIM card is the best to get?

We’ll be sharing the SIM card we recommend and 7 reasons why for those wondering. Be sure to read until the end because the most important info is there!


Japan Travel SIM


We recommend JAPAN TRAVEL SIM.

Reasons 1: The Cheapest Price

They’re the cheapest price at 2,460 yen for 1GB/30 days. Their new plan just started on 7/9 for monthly short-term usage. This is the best for short-term travelers!

Reasons 2: You won’t go over

There’s no need to worry about extra charges from going over because of the pre-paid model!

Reasons 3: High-speed Communication

You can use the latest LTE high-speed communication.

With this SIM card, you can access/use (1GB)
News site top page (mobile site): Approx. 3,410 times
Texting: About 204,800 messages
Google Map: Approx. 280 times
Skype (3-minute calls): Approx. 580 times (1,470 min.)
*From official website

Use it in emergencies when you’re in a location without free Wi-Fi. There’s more than enough.

Places you can purchase SIM cards:

*To put it simply for those who don’t know much about Japan, you can purchase these at major electronics stores located anywhere in Tokyo.

Reasons 4: Recharge

You can get additional charges if you feel you’ll go over 1GB. You can also buy an add-on coupon from Lawson (a convenience store) in addition to the aforementioned stores.

Note: Even though you can add charges, you cannot extend your usage. Pick a time that works best for you (1 month or 3 months).

Reasons 5: Transforms into a cool item

The SIM card packaging turns into this! It’s now a souvenir!

Reasons 6: Super Discount Coupon

If you purchase this SIM card at Bic Camera, Kojima or Sofmap they’ll include a 6% discount coupon when you purchase any 1,2 GB version that you an use to buy other electronics!! 

Reasons 7: Omotenashi

And if you get it at Bic Camera, they’ll even set it up for you!

Setting by yourself:

List of tested devices:


In conclusion

1. Don’t buy a SIM card at the airport
2. Buy it at Bic Camera, Kojima or Sofmap
3. Have a shop attendant set it up for you
4. Buy souvenirs with your coupon![margin_30b]

We in Japan are jealous that you can get it 14% cheaper… but this is really useful info so share with everyone you know!

Consumer electronics are pricey so you might get over 10,000 yen discount… :)

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