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Goin’ Japanesque!

Shinto shrine walkthrough

We’re off to the shrine! 

“Katori Shrine” is the name, and they have a well-made torii for the God of this place. 

These are Japan’s imaginary creatures called the “comainu.” The name Foo Dogs right any bell for you? They always come in pairs, as a guardian for the Shrine. It is said that these Imperial Guardian Lions originated in China, traveled through the Korean Peninsula, and finally came here in Japan. These Fu Lions can be seen in many Asian countries including Tibet and Myanmar other than the countries I mentioned above. 

These are lanterns, but I’ve never seen them lit. 

We make our way to the main shrine. 

Look at that huge shining “kane!” Although sunburnt and worn out, the rope to ring it is originally made with colors of white and red, symbolizing happiness in Japan. Seems thin, but when you actually grab it, it’s a handful.

The black box with the red kanjis is for your offering. 

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