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Sendai Tansu: Must-see when Combined with Japanese Food!

Have you heard of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture? It’s known for its famed handicraft, the “Sendai Tansu” (dresser). New Japanese furniture is gradually growing more modernized but in this region they still value keeping things with the Japanese “Wa” aesthetic. Perhaps you too will gain an interest in Japanese history from today’s article. 


1. Former Date Clan Residence – Shokeikaku

旧伊達邸 鍾景閣

The famous home of Date Masamune. The Shokeikaku is where the clan actually lived. The kitchen, washroom and bathroom still remain as they were, which even in Japan is a rare sight.

1-1. Genkan (Entrance)

You’re greeted by a Sendai Tansu and a general riding a horse when you enter.

1-2. Washitsu (Japanese-style Room)

True “Wa”! My own home was like this before it was rebuilt. It brings back a lot of memories from my childhood :)

1-3. Kimono

The kimono are on display. Their value ranges widely but handmade kimono can easily cost over 1 million yen lol

1-4. The armor and helmet of Date Masamune


Go a little further inside and… aha! Here’s the armor and helmet of Date Masamune. You can feel its history—it’s so cool. It’s easy to forget about Japan’s samurai period when walking around Tokyo.

To the side is space for storing tea cakes.


2. Japanese Food

2-1. Oshinagaki


This type of menu is called “oshinagaki”.

2-2. The Date family crest


The Date family crest is painted on this tray.

2-3. Tansu Ryori


This is a Sendai Tansu, a traditional handicraft. As you’d expect from a high-quality dresser, the color of the wood and the metal fittings have deep meaning to them. This is a small one but there are many that are large and cost 300,000 to 1 million yen.

There’s also a “karakuri tansu” that’s theft-proof. It has a special mechanism so you can’t open it in a normal way. This is like a ninja house lol

“Tansu Ryori” (Tansu Cuisine) is where you place Japanese food within a Tansu. Food appears when you open the drawers. It’s such a work of art it feels like a waste to eat.

I hope you enjoyed this place and that you’ll visit once and experience true “wa”!

Information: Shokeikaku

Address: 143-3, Moniwa Hitokitanishi, Taihaku-ku Sendai-shi, Miyagi
Access: Catch the bus at the Sendai station (No.8 bus stop)
Open: 11:30 – 15:00, 17:00 – 20:00 (At night, reservations are required)
Phone: 022-245-6665
Price: 2000 – 3000 yen
Official Website: Shokeikaku

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