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Samurai Kembu: For Unforgettable Memories of Your Trip

Do you know of “kenbu”? Kenbu is a dance that is performed with a sword or a fan in hand, wearing a montsuki-hakama (a type of traditional men’s pants with a family crest). The dance is performed along with a recitation of waka (classical Japanese poem). It is not a dance that anyone can just dance. There are detailed rules from how one should pose to how one should draw the sword as well. The bushido-seishin, or the spirit of the samurai is honored. Traditionally, a samurai had strong principles, was manly, responsible for his own words. There is a strong aesthetic sense even in the smallest aspect of their lives and also persistence in adhering to these codes. The kenbu reflects this kind of bushido. Nowadays, dojos that allow one to learn this kenbu are becoming popular.

A location right by Sanjokeihan Station is where this dojo, Samurai Kembu Theater is located.


This is a dojo of the Seigaryu (Seiga School) kenbu. They also have sessions to learn not only how to handle the Japanese sword, but also to learn the manners and samurai culture necessary to perform the true kenbu. For this reason by the time they take the final commemorative photo, everyone feels like a samurai from within. They say that it is a wonderful experience even for children, and it ends up becoming a lifelong memory. 


Everyone has fun and at the same time, it seems like there is energy dwelling even in their gaze… perhaps they have been possessed by the samurai?

We felt that this type of interactive sightseeing will be attracting more and more attention. If this article interests you, we recommend you go and visit for yourself. It is recommended for the entire family as well. 


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