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Rice Paddy Art: Don’t Miss Japan’s Otherworldly Art!

A Japanese staple, rice! The Tanbo (rice-paddy) art uses those rice fields to draw images on the earth. This event had its start in 1993, when Inakadatemura of Aomori Prefecture started it as a project to develop the area and it spread throughout the country.

Information of Japan that is received overseas may still be for the most part about the capital, Tokyo, but there are still many interesting things that are yet to be discovered in rural parts of Japan. Here, we hope to deliver such information to you as well. We hope you find this article visually enjoyable.

This is how it is colored.



2015 ver.: Star Wars



1. Japanese Style



2. Anime, Manga



3. Kawaii

Awesome! Inspiring!!


Rice Paddy Art (Tanbo Art)


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