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Top 6 Restaurants For High Quality Comfort Food

I’m sure there are many of you wanting good Japanese food. If you’ve only just arrived in Japan, you probably don’t know where to go. We’re here to help with that!

First, keep these things in mind. ↓

Tip: How Japanese Feel
1. Convenience store: convenience is key (open 24 hours, located everywhere)
2. This article: Telling you really good places!
*Of course, convenience store can be good too.


1. Ootoya


They offer a completely homemade menu, rare in today’s world of chain restaurants, so you can fill up on piping hot food. Their food tastes like a Japanese mom made them, providing the best flavors to make you feel good since forever!

Recommended Menu

Simmered Miso Cutlet Set (miso katsu ni teishoku)

Most Popular

Sweet and Sour Chicken and Vegetables Set (tori to yasai no kurozu-an teishoku)


2. Gyoza no Osho


Gyoza are booming with popularity all over the world. This is the No. 1 thing to share in Japan! You can enjoy these juicy gyoza with ramen and fried rice. You’re sure to reach Nirvana!

Best Set (Triple!!)

Osho Ramen Set

More New Info: 4 Additional Pieces of Info on Japanese Dumplings—the Latest European Craze!


3. Negishi


In Tokyo, a fierce battleground for restaurants, there’s always a line for this gyutan (beef tongue) restaurant. As the pioneers of gyutan—a famous izakaya menu item in Sendai—spreading its renown as a lunch menu item, they offer the thickest slices you’ll see no where else. They offer mugimeshi (barley & rice) for their rice dish and grated yam goes great with it! You can also eat as much mugimeshi as you want so you’ll always leave full!

Recommended Menu

Shiro 4 Set


4. Tonden


You probably want to try lots of Japanese foods on your first trip to Japan, right? For that, choose Tonden! You get everything good, including sushi, sashimi, soba, udon, tempura and more!

Recommended Menu

All Japanese Foods


5. CoCo Ichibanya


Am I the only one who’s never met someone who hates curry? Well, here’s the top curry place. They’re renowned for their customized topping system, allowing you to make a ‘my curry.’ I always order cutlet and sausage so I went with the vegetable curry for my photo.

Vegetable Curry

Here’s their plentiful menu for those who want to see it: CoCo-Ichibanya, for curry lovers


6. Tonkatsu WAKO


I can also recommend this place. Read our other article on it

Sazanka (Fillet cutlet & minced cutlet with cheese)

For those who want to know how to eat here: Japanese juicy tonkatsu; we guarantee you will not leave even slightly peckish


The 5 places introduced today are undoubtedly good! As a Japanese person, I recommend them to you with 100% confidence. :)

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