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Help Us – Seeking Writers & Collaborators


Every day, our number of viewers increases and we’re very grateful to all our readers.


So we’re seeking writers and team members in order to share more information and begin new projects.

This is open to all nationalities and you can also just be a writer. There is no obligation to participate as a team member.


If you’re Japanese, write an article about your knowledge of Japan.

If you’re a non-Japanese, write an article about your Japan trip photos and experiences.


Your ideas will be made public.


At Your Pace

Work freely at home. There are no quotas. Create when you can. Whether overseas or in Japan, you can do it anywhere.

Business Expansion

We’ll pay 1,000 yen per article (bank transfer or PayPal). Payment may change based on quality, readership, and work history. Furthermore, those who have made many contributions will be favored for new projects, and you can share your links within your articles.

Increase Your Knowledge and Skills

All submissions will be in English. If you’re Japanese then your English will be checked before it’s posted. If you’re a non-Japanese, please also write about your travel problems. Japanese will respond and you’ll learn from them.


Simple Steps – 1 Min Sign-Up


1. Complete the form
*Please wait for our reply. (Be sure to check your spam folder.)

2. Receive an email about working.

3. Get started!