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Goin’ Japanesque!

5 Life Conveniences + 1 Interesting Video: Here’s Real Life in Japan!

I’ve made a list of conveniences in Japan that many foreigners may not know but should. Be sure to read until the end for an interesting video of something that happens in Japan!


1. Get Tissues for Free

People hand out tissues in Japan in front of train stations or along the sidewalks. The reason behind it is because there are advertisements included with the tissues. The idea driving this has been in Japan for a long time. They have a greater impact than flyers, which people will throw right away, and cause only a minor inconvenience compared to traditional advertisements. I’m sure there are people handing out flyers in the city where you’re from but countries handing out free household items are rare.

Try asking them, “Ato mittsu kudasai” (3 more please). Then…

Before you realize it, you’ll have this many saved up! No need to go shopping!


2. How to Use a Cup Ramen Lid

This method is one every Japanese knows. Peel off the sticker on the bottom of a Japanese Cup Ramen and then you can easily open it. Don’t throw away the sticker—use it to hold down your lid after you’ve put hot water in it.


Items like this are sold in Japan;–she’s called Fuchiko-san. She holds your chopsticks while you wait the 3-5 minutes for your ramen to finish. So nice of her! lol

There are other versions too! You can also use it inside.


Hi :) LOL


3. Hit the Button at Family Restaurants

This is Gusto, a family restaurant in Japan. You can eat very cheap but delicious Western-style food here. Their hamburgers (patty) are seasoned the way Japanese like them but you should try them out and compare them to your country’s menu. Other famous Japanese family restaurants include Saizeriya, Coco’s, Denny’s and Royal Host.

Once you’ve decided on your order, hit the button on the table and a waiter will come over. There’s no need to wait for someone to pass near you or call out to them. Most restaurants in Japan have these buttons so use them!


4. Check out Manga and Magazines for Free

Convenience stores

They’re reading manga. Of course, these aren’t manga they’ve purchased but rather ones lined up in the front of the store. This is called “tachiyomi” (standing while reading). Not long ago it was considered bad to do but it’s become the norm nowadays. You can probably do the same in your country, but Japanese do “tachiyomi” for a really long time. Some even finish reading the whole thing lol When you come to Japan, you’re bound to see this happen at convenience stores and bookstores. The two in the photo seem really relaxed. Guys, go easy on the reading!


This is one of the biggest bookstores in Japan, Kinokuniya. It even has areas for you to sit and read. Of course, they’re not buying those books. They’re reading them for free.


5. How to Use Train Stations and Good Manners

These people are waiting for their trains at a station platform. Do you see how they’re standing in lines, evenly spaced apart? If you don’t make a proper line, you may not get to ride no matter how long you wait or people may think you’ve cut and you’ll lose your place. So be sure to go to the end of the line.

And this is a train ticket machine. Up above are the train routes but they’re very complicated and even we Japanese get lost. When that happens, there’s this. Try pressing the button next to the ticket machine. A ninja will appear! lol ↓

Ninja in the Station?

This visitor being helped can’t help smiling. The station attendant’s just doing his job! And then he disappears on the other side of the door… lol

These 5 articles will hopefully be of use to you when you’re living in Japan. I’ll be doing more research on aspects of Japanese culture that are rare in other countries for you to look forward to~

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