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5 Ramen Restaurants Shared by Japanese as 100% Delicious!

You’ll be a winner if you go to any of these 5 restaurants we’re going to show you. We have everything from light to heavy flavors, original to modern styles. Try them all!


1. Tanaka Shoten


An authentic Hakata-nagahama ramen restaurant. There’s no words to describe the delicious broth, which is simmered for three days, and the superfine noodles classic to any Hakata ramen dish is a perfect match. Also, you can choose from 4 kinds of noodle firmness. The green onion topping also plays a lead role so don’t forget to add them. You’ll notice that “thank you” is printed on the nori.

Tip 1
Normally when I want a firm noodle, I order “menkata”. There are many who love firmer noodles. At Tanaka Shoten, they have “harigane,” “barikata,” “futsuu,” and “yawa”. The hardest, “harigane,” is like a thin piece of metal wire. It tastes great!

Access: 15 minutes walk from TX Rokucho Station, Map


2. Tsuta

Japanese Soba Noodles 蔦

First Ramen in the World to be Awarded 1 Michelin Star

This restaurant has a number of awards, including from Michelin. Their dishes explode with natural flavors as they don’t have an ounce of chemical seasoning! The broth is like a transparent sea! You have to line up so go there with plenty of spare time.

Tip 2
Lines can form for good restaurants. Lining up is the ritual for meeting supreme bliss!

Access: JR Sugamo Station (south exit), Map


3. En

煮干鰮らーめん 圓

A simple ramen with the feel of the Showa period. Their basic menu only consists of “niboshi (dried sardines) ramen” and “mukashi-nagara (same as forever) ramen” and they don’t have add-ons like flavored eggs or chashu pork. It’s extremely difficult to remove the bad smell yet save the flavor of a niboshi broth but the skill of the workers shines here. The niboshi smell amazing!

Tip 3
Don’t be fooled by its homely appearance. If you want the “original” Japanese ramen, you gotta go here! This ramen’s irresistible to ramen fans!

Access: JR or Keio-line Hachioji Station, Map


4. Hayashi


This restaurant also only has 3 options on its menu. And that’s as much as they’d wish for you to eat. The photo is of their yakibuta (roast pork) ramen.

Tip 4
In the battleground of Shibuya, this place is highly rated! It’s well-located so you should check it out when you come to Tokyo.

Access: JR Shibuya Station, Map


5. Kokaibo


The owner, a ramen lover, wants to eat ramen every day so he did research and made the perfect bowl. The broth looks plainer than the others and is lighter so you won’t feel sick even eating it every day.

Tip 5
You’ll likely be unable to stop yourself from drinking all of the broth down like a miso soup.

Access: No.6 exit of Monzennakacho Station on Toeiooedo Line, Map


What did you think? Tell us which one you liked best!




Tip 6
If you’re even unsure of what to order at a ramen restaurant, press the upper left or “recommendation” (おすすめ) button. Normally, you’ll get the best bowl this way!

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