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Goin’ Japanesque!

Snacks and munchies you can’t miss!

Here’s a traditional and a highlight snack that all Japanese people love, the “Baby Star Ramen.” It’s ramen flavored with chicken broth broken into palm-sized pieces. They not only have ramen, but cover all the noodles in general into crunchy and tasteful eats.

This baby star ramen seems to have collaborated with Pokemon, and has a new taste, the “ketchup rice.” If you’ve never heard of such a dish, or wondering if how on earth is that tomato tasting sauce is gonna go good with rice, you might want to try a bite because I bet you’re going to finish the whole dish anyway. Since this ramen snack is sold at what you might call a “one-dollar store,” you can buy it paying 108yen (tax included), and see if you like how it tastes.

This store is called Daiso, and there are tons of snacks that you can try out for just a buck, so take your time to choose, and take more time to savor them! 

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