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The free event ‘Osaka Kawaii’ has taken over the American Village of Osaka!

On the 28th of March 2015, the free event that combines fashion and music – ‘Osaka Kawaii’ – was hosted to the public using the entire American Village in Osaka. Being an event that shouldn’t be missed by all fans of ‘kawaii’,  the event’s origin comes from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s most international, world famous concept of ‘Harajuku Kawaii.’ Please check out the highlights of the day below!



Starting off are the events during the ‘BIG STEP STAGE.’ The enthusiasm of the ‘kawaii fans’ surrounding the stage was really astounding! The mascots who made appearances on the stage were also very cute. This is the opening of ‘Osaka Kawaii.’ 


Runway (From the ‘BIG STEP’ to ‘Dotonbori’)

About 100 performers formed a line and walked from Big Step to Dotonbori.

In addition to this the fans also surrounded the circumference of the line, making it a far greater number than one hundred!


‘Sankaku’ (Triangular) Park

osaka-kawaii13osaka-kawaii14Known by its nick-name ‘Billiken-san,’ the ‘Osaka Tsutenkaku’ God of Fortune was also transformed into a ‘kawaii’ version and introduced onstage. 

Then the mascots made another entry.


Sun Hall

In the Indoor Hall, they showcased a masterful performance by artists and idols representing Harajuku!

Last of all, the entire cast made a final entry onstage for the finale.

Although this time was Osaka, the real ‘HARAJUKU KAWAII WEEK 2015’ will be hosted on Saturday the 9th of May and Sunday the 10th of May, just like this time, but hosted in the streets of Harajuku!

Official Website: Osaka Kawaii

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