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4 Picturesque Onsen Where You’ll Feel One with the World

Infinity pools are all the rage right now and we’ve picked 4 picturesque onsen with these hidden in Japan. You can make a day-trip out of any of these 4 so you can feely drop in when you’re near one during your travels. You’ll want to be sure to add this scene to your travel scrapbook.



Akazawa Onsen

Here in Shizuoka you’ll get a huge panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Stop by on your way to Izu, the popular tourist destination, and really transform your trip. Of note are the two large baths on the 3rd and 4th floors. They’re over 20m long and will make you feel like sky, sea, mountain, onsen and you are all connected.

Bathing Recommendation
After soaking up to your shoulders, let yourself go and try floating. You’ll feel one with the world.

Information: , Map



Umi no Bettei Furukawa


This onsen is called “Bihada no Yu” (Beautiful Skin Water) and it’s just like lotion. This onsen is in Hokkaido and especially delightful to women.

Bathing Recommendation
Take a little longer than normal to soak. You’ll feel smoother, like lotion absorbing into your skin. For real luxury, add the beauty salon course and it’ll be even more effective.





In Ibaraki, the place famous for natto, there is a mysterious onsen ryokan. It’s mysterious because of the beautiful torii gate on the Oarai Coast near the inn.

With only 8 rooms, this isn’t a big ryokan but, by being the opposite, it makes time for relaxing. The onsen gets its water from the Oarai Isosaki Temple spring so it’s filled with power. The deep pool on the seaward side of the onsen is at sea-level so it looks like it’s part of the sea. The scenery that erupts from the water’s surface is quite magical.

Bathing Recommendation
After you’ve visited the torii gate, you’ll absorb even more powers from your soak in the waters. After bathing, mellow out at the deck inside the ryokan. What’s good is it’s a small ryokan so it’ll be quiet.

Information: , Map



Tamatebako Onsen


This is a uniquely-named onsen. “Tamatebako” is the name of a box that appears in the Japanese fairy tale Urashimataro. A famous episode of the story is that when you open this box, smoke pours out and you turn old. This amazing onsen was rated as the best in the country in 2014. It’s the most scenic of the four. The photo is of the Japanese-style bath, where you can gaze out onto the Kaimondake volcano. Wouldn’t you agree it’s impressively big?

Bathing Recommendation
Take a deep breath as you soak. You’re surrounded by nature and so the air here is amazing. Get a taste of both mountain climbing and onsen bathing at the same time.

Information: , Map

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