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Goin’ Japanesque!

One Piece fever, still going strong

Living in Japan, I feel like One Piece is always in the center of all figures and hype. Such as game arcades; I have never seen one that DOESN’T have some sort of One Piece figures, plush or toys in them. I gotta admit though, the cool part about these crane games is, although these figures are perfect in detail and quality, everyone gets to have a chance of winning these with only a few bucks! That’s right, just like the message says on Luffy’s box, “this is the prize!” after all.

The picture is an example of Luffy, but I love how they make various characters from different chapters. However, extremely popular characters still have their special place although they won’t be appearing anymore in the main story (or will they?), like Luffy’s big brother Ace. 


Let’s go to the One Piece Page!! :)

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