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Goin’ Japanesque!

“One Piece” ahead, Cap’n!!

“One Piece” ahead, Cap’n!! I think there is no game arcade that DOESN’T have some sort of One Piece figures, plush or toys in them. Let’s take a look at these. The fun part is, you can collect them and remake your favorite scene from the story, as in this picture. You remember this scene from the story early on, don’t you? They all have the same mark on their left wrists they hold above triumphantly. This game arcade knows how to make you bring back memories and make you teary-eyed, don’t they? *sniff*

I love how they make various characters from different chapters. Brings back memories of your favorite chapter, doesn’t it? If you were in an arcade full with One Piece figures, who would you try to get, and what scene would you try to create? 


Let’s go to the One Piece Page!! :)

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