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Goin’ Japanesque!

Octopuses; not so under-the-sea anymore

I bet you’ve never seen an octopus that’s not on a dish, have you?? Well, here’s where everyone buys it, from the fish/clam section in the grocery store. You know how food stores have butchers, right? In Japan, we have staff with sharp blades to work with fish! By the way, no, they don’t use katanas.

Let’s get back to the octopus (here’s a sentence I never thought I’ll write). You can see a red one and white. They’re both boiled, and served by slicing the leg like you see in a sushi restaurant. The red octopus is already seasoned with “umeboshi (Japanese salt plum)” so it has a sour taste when you eat it. The white octopus slices are good with soy sauce, so treat yourself when you have the chance since they are high in nutrition and low in calories. 

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