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6 Highlights Specific to Myoryuji aka Ninja Temple and A Word of Caution


The Myoruji temple (commonly known as Ninja Dera Temple) was built by the Maeda Clan who moved here from the Kanazawa Castle. During the Age of Civil Wars, there was no saying when there would be an enemy attack so there are various traps that are put in place.


Highlight 1

The Watchtower

In order to quickly catch any movement of the enemy, there is a lookout area in a high place. (It is now covered in glass) It is also said that at the time, they could communicate with Kanazawa castle via light signals.

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Highlight 2

The Stairways


From the outside it only looks like two stories, but on the inside, there are 4 floors build by wood making it a structure of 7 stories. Since there was a restriction against buildings of 3 stories or higher, so they had secretly built it this way. 

There are actually 23 rooms and 29 sets of stairs. It is so complex that even if an enemy were to intrude, it had the effect of misleading them on their location. Additionally, the ceiling is low overall, and this structure makes it difficult to swing a sword around. 


Highlight 3

The Pitfall

The money offering box that is often seeing in temples and shrines is embedded in the floor. At times of emergency, it was covered in cloth to make it a pitfall. 


Highlight 4

Attack from the Blind Spot

A paper screen was placed for any blind spots by one’s feet. This made is so that if they spotted any shadows of the enemy’s feet, they could immediately pierce the enemy with a spear.


Highlight 5

Hidden Doorways

On the floor there were hidden doorways. It opens to reveal a stairway. They could make an escape when needed. 


Highlight 6

The Design of the Japanese Style Rooms


There are walls and tea rooms decorated with cutouts of Mount Fuji and it is very beautiful. 

There are also rooms that have entrances behind hanging scrolls, rooms that lock automatically once someone enters, making it impossible to escape. The unique ninja room is definitely a must-see.


1. It is a sightseeing tour you can really experience.
2. It is really complex and you may feel like you might get lost, but rest assured, there is a tour guide that provides careful explanation.

Word of Caution: Prior reservation is a must. 

Address: 1-2-12 Nomachi, Kanazawa 921-8031 Ishikawa Prefecture, Maps
Access:From Kanazawa Station, Kenrokuen Exit.
Take any bus from East Exit Bus Terminal 8, 9, or 10.
Or, the Kanazawa left-bound course from Bus Terminal 7.
Get off at “Hirokoji” for any of the buses above.
Tel: 076-241-0888
Open: 9:00AM to 4:30 PM (until 4:00PM during Winter)
Tours offered every 30 minutes. Call the number listed above to reserve.
Closed January 1st and Buddhist memorial service days.
Admission: Adult 800 Yen, Child 600 Yen
Official Website (Prior reservation):

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