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New Year’s decorations…with style

Just look at these gorgeous yet humble and classy New Year’s decorations. The U.S. has mistletoes and wreathes on Christmas, and we have these for New Years. Each represents a specific wish just like “omamori”s. They all use bundled or woven hay as base, but the way each is decorated is so colorful with origami-like paper crafting yet solemn in oriental style. 

This here is a great example. This decoration is mainly for “safety and well-being of the family,” and each detailed piece and even the colors used have a significant meaning.

The strings you see, the white, red, gold, green, yellow, are called “mizuhiki,” and are often used in events such as births, weddings, and funeral. They even have knotting forms for different occasions. 

Look at all these stamps for “nenga-jou”s! What you see in this picture all represents, or says something about the year of the sheep. To the eyes of the Japanese people, the one word kanji must be just like the cute little pictures of them. For westerners like me, just imagining that they’re all sheep is enough to make me drowsy. Zzz…. 

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