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Nenga-jous, the New Year Card

Instead of Christmas cards, the people in Japan send “nenga-jou”s, a New Year card to each other. It looks like a post card, but these cards arrive to you on the 1st of each year. They even have lottery numbers so that people can win prizes from the Japanese Postal Service. Don’t worry, not all the prizes are going to be stamps…, just a few. 

The reason why there are pictures and designs of sheep is because 2015 is the year of the sheep, according to the Chinese Zodiac. Anyone that’s familiar with the cartoon “The Jackie Chan Adventures” must be familiar with this concept. lol But seriously, that show was educational in a way that it was reflecting what Asia has for its culture. 

And here are the traditional ones, but I don’t know if the younger generations like them or not. 

Although email became common, it’s considered a manner to send nenga-jous to your senior colleague, bosses, or if you’re a CEO, to your business partners. People use printers to speed up the process, but a handwritten nenga-jous always stand out, and are welcomed.


Nenga-jou (ねんが じょう) (年賀状)


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