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Nanasawa-sou for your mind and body

Many of you might be familiar with books written by James Skinner, Napoleon Hill, and other life-enhancing/enlightening writers. Yukio Funai is one of the Japanese authors who emphasize on success like the mentioned authors above. However he takes on a completely different approach you’ve never heard before to achieve one’s goal and happiness.

In one of his works, this unique location was mentioned as being a power-spot for energy. This place is called “Nanasawa-sou,” which is popular not only for being introduced by Funai, but for its hot springs. People who have pets bring them along, because this place also has hot springs for them! (I’m sure they’re gonna bathe in a different area) If you happen to be touring in the Kanto area staying near Tokyo, this place is definitely worth a visit.

Quite a few locals come here as well, for Nanasawa-sou has an easy-to-access location, and for its second name the “Iyashirochi.” The day we visited was no exception, and we were able to communicate with many people. With winter coming just around the corner, seems like everybody’s here for a little happiness for both body and mind.

We noticed a distinctive stone located in the entrance of the building. They say it was brought to this very place by the founder of Nanasawa-sou, who was the predecessor of the hot springs. The stone is called “Sanbaseki,” and believe it or not, it’s a type of schist! You can see its faint green to turquoise hue along with white random lines that run across this precious stone. Want to give it a touch? Who knows, maybe you’d be rejuvenated and energized with the power it has.


Information: Nanasawa-sou

Address: 1826 Nanasawa, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa
Phone: 046-248-0236
Price: 9000-yen ~ (overnight stay)
Official Website: Nanasawa-sou


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