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So Beautiful…! Meguro Gajoen: An Invite to a Secret Spot Full of Japanese Traditions

Here’s an article on Part 1: Looks Like: The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum! Here’s the Real Setting for Spirited Away!

Meguro Gajoen was officially announced to be the setting for Spirited Away. It also shares the title of “Showa Era Palace of the Dragon King”. This gorgeous Japanese-style room is the same as a certain bathhouse.

There are 7 rooms like this and they’re connected by a long 99-step stairway. The beauty is bound to grab hold of your heart. And from 7/3 there’ll be a big event going on! As you climb the stairs from room to room, you can enjoy at every floor lights from all over Japan.


Lights of Japan x 100-Steps Stairway Exhibits

和の明り×百段階段 展

1. Entrance

Festivals from all over Japan greet you when you first enter! Left side: Akita Kanto Festival, Right side: Sendai Tanabata Festival


It’s crowded with people and attended by many foreign tourists too.


2. Festival Lights

This room has lights from the Aomori Nebuta Festival. On the actual day of the Nebuta Festival there are so many people and so much excitement that it’s hard to calm down and enjoy the lights. Viewing them like this made it a whole new way to see them. One highlight in this culturally-important room is how it was skillfully decorated without using a single nail.
Here’s an article on Nebuta Festival: Rasse! Rasse! Top 3 Valiant Festivals, Brought to You by Japanese

Also! You can create unforgettable moments taking photos in a yukata.


3. Paper Lights

If you continue going up the stairs, you’ll find this bright room made from Japanese paper. The paper lighting is very soft and has a relaxing effect. It brings your heart to a whole new level.


4. Ikebana Lights

On exhibit in the Elevator Hall is the traditional ikebana (flower-arranging) festival. It makes me recall Japanese traditions that even I, as a Japanese person, have forgotten and give me a peace of mind.


5. 100-Steps Stairway


Also! also! Here’s the 100-steps stairway, connecting them all! Until now, they’ve banned photos but it’s open for the general public to photograph during this event!!

You can also have weddings at Meguro Gajoen. My friend’s wedding was held here and she invited me. I couldn’t find any words to say other than “Amazing!”

So how was it? Did it spark your interest? Be sure to come and check out the rooms!


Nearest station: JR Meguro Station (West Exit), Maps
Date and time: 7/3 ~ 8/9 2015, 10:00 – 18:00 or 19:00
Phone: 03-3491-4111
Price: 1200 yen
Official Website:

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