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Manga Café Travel Log: Not to be Missed by Newbies or Veterans Alike

Calling all manga fans~ We’ve finally come to a Japanese manga café! We’re truly diving into heaven here!


1. Fees

The fees are super cheap! They’re like this

3 hours: 953 yen
6 hours: 1429 yen
9 hours: 1810 yen
12 hours: 2096 yen
8 hours: 1429 yen (It’s a fixed rate after 8:00PM.)


2. Entrance

Once you’ve gone through reception, you’re greeted by a huge amount of manga and magazines. I’m so excited!


3. Floor

Each booth is divided off and you can do as you like in your space. Look for the booth number you’re given from the reception desk.


4. Inside a Booth

I arrived at my number, 163. I chose the flat seat out of their several options. You can also use the computer so it feels like you got your own room! You can choose booths with desks & chairs as well.


5. Manga Heaven

Now let’s look for manga to read. In this area, all the books are manga. There’s gotta be tens of thousands here!

Manga manga manga wherever you walk~ They’ve got everything from the newest ones to rare ones! You can pick as many as you like.


6. Free Drinks

And when you get thirsty… off to the self-serve drinks we go. You can pick from over 20 varieties.


7. Foods

If you pick a long-stay plan, you’ll also get hungry. So then eat while you read. They’ve got ramen, curry, katsudon, desserts… and even alcohol!

What I actually ate ↓

Yakisoba & Fried Rice set


Katsu Curry


Morning set

You can only order the morning set around 6AM. It’s all free! The picture is a double-morning set, and that’s only 100 yen!


8. Return

Then return everything here yourself. Do the same with the manga you’ve read too: return them to the designated area, not back to the bookshelves.


9. Break

I get sleepy after eating… in which case, I can use a blanket and go to bed lol


10. Amusement

You can do more than just read manga, there’s also darts and billiards!

Today’s article was a guide to being inside a manga café. I hope it’ll be useful when you go yourself. Some places also have showers!

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