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School Maid Café Travel Log and Akihabara Wanderings

We took a wander around Akihabara as team members :) In the evening we went to a maid café. I’m not an otaku but it’s something you have to do at least once!


1. Akihabara Station

Went right up from the Tsukuba Express Akihabara Station Underground. It’s rather crowded.

Why is it so crowded? Maybe because it’s Sunday…?


2. Free Markets

The market place for bargain-priced anime goods has opened! Photo taken from above.

And I found these guys too! They cracked me up


3. Love Live Advertisement Car

This big truck was going through the streets blasting music to commemorate the new song by Love Live lol


4. School Maid Cafe

And as it got dark I was pulled in by a solicitor to go to the maid café, Heart of Hearts. But, unfortunately, they don’t allow photographs so I could only take photos of the food. In most maid cafes in Japan you can’t take photos…

Heart of Hearts is styled like a school so the tables are desks and the school bell rings inside the store. The maids are like teachers and every 15 minutes there was a live performance (song & dance). I recommend this place since you’ll find famous maids from TV and magazines here too.

And here are the pics! Although they’re just of the food ↓

Moe Foods

They drew me a cat with chocolate

I felt like I had to order some omuraisu (omelet rice)! They drew Kotori from Love Live right in front of me. It’s spot-on!

It was sweeter that I imagined!


5. Late at Night

It was in the middle of the night on a Sunday in Akihabara so there were fewer people. All of us were able to take a breather today and we’ll get back to working hard tomorrow! That’s all for this everyday blog. Information: Map

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