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The Best Place to Live in Tokyo and 3 Reasons Why

Here’s information for those of you wanting to live in Japan one day. On top of picking where to live, it’s important to have a balance between rent, convenience to public transportation and good places nearby. Share houses are popular right now but how about for those who don’t like living with lots of other people? Today’s article is for you. We’ll be sharing the best advice for housing other than sharehouses.


Avoid the Major Cities

It’s pretty self-explanatory but I wouldn’t recommend the big stations on the JR Yamanote line (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, etc). Rent’s expensive, they’re lots of people and they’re crowded, which aren’t good for places to live. If you pick a big station like Shinjuku or Shibuya without doing research first then you’ll be paying a lot in rent and possibly living in a bad room. And we don’t want you to do that and grow to hate Japan.


The Best is on the Chuo Line


But Shinjuku and Shibuya are great places to go for fun and work. So you should find a place that’s just a little further away from these stations.

Check out the dark circle in the first picture. That’s the area where the Chuo Line runs. If you look at the stations it goes to you’ll see Kichijoji, Ogikubo, Asagaya, Koenji, and Nakano. Surely there’s a station in there you’ve heard before? The reason why is because these places rank high among the “Cities Where Japanese Want to Live”.

So where would be good? We recommend Mitaka, circled in red!

Reason 1: Great Access to the City Center

At Kichijoji next door you can get to Shinjuku and Tokyo Station all on one line without transferring trains. You’ll reach Shinjuku in 20 minutes.

Something people who want to work in Japan have to think about is the morning rush. The crowded trains of Japan are a famous spectacle. You’ll die if you have to squeeze into one every morning…

Luckily, Mitaka is the first stop. That means it’s where the trains leave. AKA, you can secure yourself a seat in the morning on the trains. The crowding on the trains is only for those standing. If you’re sitting then you won’t be squashed by the rush. And if you’re sitting you can go all the way to Tokyo and enjoy the ride.

Reason 2: Rent is Cheap

Kichijoji is a very popular town where everyone wants to live but the rent is expensive. However, by just moving over one you can be in the much cheaper Mitaka area for 80,000 yen ($1k). This is pretty cheap for being inside Tokyo Prefecture.

Reason 3: The Places Nearby are Great

Mitaka has a proper supermarket so there’s no worry over your grocery shopping.

And the Ghibli Museum is here in Mitaka. And there are so many ramen restaurants in the third stop, Ogikubo, that it’s called a ramen battleground. Great for ramen lovers!


Additional Info

ALSO! If you place a lot of importance on rent…
We recommend Narimasu Station.

In this area you’ll get the cheapest prices in Tokyo—70,000 yen for rent. I’m sure some of you are thinking that if it’s cheap then it must not be very convenient but there’s no need to worry. It has big supermarkets like Seiyu and Tobu Store and fast food restaurants like Yoshinoya.

It also has nature with a big park nearby called Hikarigaoka Park. You can even exercise here. It’s far from inconvenient and said to be the best kept secret! 

Public transportation is also easy. The red circle is Narimasu Station, and the blue is Ikebukuro. You can get to Ikebukuro in 10 minutes so Narimasu is perfect for those wanting to work there. Of course, you can reach Shinjuku and Shibuya in 20-30 minutes.


Did this help? I hope you’ll use this when finding the best place to live in Japan :)

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