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3 Summer Leisure Spots Where You Won’t Want the Excitement to End

It’s summer so let’s get crazy! This is our Japan Leisure Series 2. This time we have 3 super fun spots that are sure to thrill you. Whether you’re with friends or a significant other, you’ll make memories you’ll never forget!

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1. Okinawa Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is a cave in the Maeda Cape, which is in Onna, Okinawa. This mystical blue world is enchanting and a huge lure for tourists throughout Japan wanting to go diving or snorkeling. There are many tour companies but we have some tips to help you choose.

There are two kinds of tours: snorkeling and diving.

Snorkeling is safe even for poor swimmers. Your body naturally floats when wearing a wet suit so there’s no fear of drowning. And you also wear flippers that make moving easy. You can enjoy what’s within the sea from the surface of the water.

Diving is diving into the water and breathing through an oxygen mask. Anyone 10+ can participate and there are no major dangers. This is perfect for those wanting to enjoy being underwater.

Most places use the Onna Maeda Cape parking lot, 1 hour from Naha, as a meeting place to the Blue Cave. You can go with just the basics: a towel, swimsuit, change of clothes, and sandals. They’ll take your photo underwater for free, too. As for a tip on picking a tour company, we recommend one where you can reserve an instructor for your group. Info:


2. Fuji-Q Highland

This is one theme park you have to visit at least once. Mt. Fuji is nearby so it’s a perfect part to your sightseeing of Japan. Also nearby is an outlet shopping mall and you’ll have so much fun that 1 day won’t be enough.

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2-1. Eejanaika

If you don’t ride this then there was no point to coming to Fuji-Q. You can experience inverted turns, loop-the-loops, twists and crazy turns. It holds the Guinness record for number of rotations: 14. It’s the first 4D coaster in Japan and the second in the world.

It starts and you’re suddenly ascending from the back. You think your legs are up and then you suddenly fall. You have no way to know where you’re going or what direction you’ll face so your screams will be impressive. An attraction with MAX exhilaration.

2-2. Nagashimasuka

The largest maneki-neko in the world, covered in gold foil for symbolism. When you get on the board, you’ll rise 18m and experience all kinds of water attractions. Will you “wash off” the sweat of summer? (will you wash off = nagashimasuka)

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2-3. Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear

The inescapable “Confinement Room” is a new addition. It was just updated on 7/25/2015 and is a famous haunted house with the longest distance to walk in the world (it takes about 30-60 min). Apparently the walking distance is 900m. I also often hear people saying the scariest place in the world is here at Fuji-Q.

For the scariest one there’s the Giant Human Experimentation Room. Will you be so scared you’ll cry?!



3. Hakodate Night Tour


The Hakodate night view is said to be worth $1 million and is among the top 3 night views in Japan. You’ll be feeling over the moon when you look at the night view like a jewel beneath your gaze. How about going with your lover and proposing? :)

You’re probably thinking this must cost a fortunate but you can ride for about 20,000 yen so it’s a great bargain!

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Bring back with you the best memories of Japan!

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