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New Experiences in Japan! 3 Unique Summer Leisure Spots

Right now Japan’s in the middle of summer! There are many unique places to enjoy in Japan that don’t get any notice overseas. So, for your further enjoyment, we’ve picked 3 slightly different leisure spots. They’ll definitely be ones you’ve never tried before!


1. Hakonekowakien Yunessun

1-1. Garigari-kun Soda Baths


This resort is famous in Hakone as an onsen sightseeing spot. It’s different from normal onsen resorts and does some very unique things.

Everyone Japanese person knows Garigari-kun, but have you ever heard of this popsicle?

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Right now a popular summer event is the Garigari-kun soda bath. 3 times a day they put extra-large popsicles in the baths and turn them into soda baths. Such a unique idea! If you enter these baths, you’ll be refreshed to the MAX! and blow away the hot summer.

And many other unique baths include…

1-2. Green Tea Baths

A green tea bath shrouded in the smell of it too. It’s extraordinarily relaxing.

1-3. Wine Baths

Called “Wakagaeri no Yu” (rejuvenation waters), these wine baths loved by Cleopatra and others since long ago can make your skin beautiful.

1-4. Sake Baths


Real sake flows out of the large barrel with the kanji character for sake written on it. You can’t drink it but it’ll warm you up from the inside.

1-5. Floating Baths

You’ll float in any position! hahaha

Dates of soda bath: 7/18 – 9/30
Official Website: , Map


2. Yokohama Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs are at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall. These aren’t your usual dinosaurs. There are many here on exhibit for the first time in Japan and some very rare ones you’ll see nowhere else!

Something to especially see inside this summer is the world’s first complete skeleton of a Torvosaurus on display. It’s about 10m long and stands 3 stories high. What’s amazing is that over 65% of it is real fossil. This precious world’s first exhibit will impress you even if you’re not a dino-fan.

A Torvosaurus claw. On the right is an Allosaurus—the size difference speaks for itself.

Dates: 7/18 – 8/31
Official Website: , Map


3. Pokemon Lab


Currently on special exhibition at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo is the Pokemon Lab. There’s all kinds of devices in this futuristic interior…

Around 720 Pokemon, from the original to the modern ones, are spread out across a wall. Wow! It’s overwhelming just looking at them but there’s an event where you can become a research assistant…

You receive a Poke Ball when you enter. You’re on the search for discovering what Pokemon’s in your ball by researching using the various machines inside. With a Poke Ball, your Pokemon will be from a selection of Pokemon but, if you choose a Hyper Ball, then your Pokemon can be from any generation. You won’t be able to figure it out unless you’re a Pokemon Master! It’s like your summer homework.

Dates: 7/8 – 10/12
Official Website: , Map


What did you think of these 3 leisure spots for blowing away the summer? :)

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