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Laputa Road: Magnificent Scenery of Japan that You Won’t Find on Tourism Sites

There are some unexplored regions that are not introduced on tourism sites, even though they are highly recommended. We would like to introduce those too. So, we start with one that you all know, from the work of director, Hayao Miyazaki, “Laputa-Castle in the Sky”. In this article, we invite you to the world of Laputa. If you have not seen the original work yet, we definitely recommend you to take the opportunity to watch it. If you read this article after you watch it…then all the pieces will fit together! 


1. Castle in the Sky

The long handed creature(?) who holds out its hands to two children is Laputa and the island floating is the sky is the castle in the sky.


2. Aso-shi, Kumamoto Prefecture

This is Aso-shi, Kumamoto Prefecture, which is famous for the vast nature and Asosan Mountain. The city road there looks almost like the mystical road that Laputa travelled on. It is secretly gathering buzz among tourist motorcyclists and cyclists.


3. Travelling (How to Get There )


The Laputa Road is located off of Asosan Kita Gai Rinzan Milk Road (Prefectural Highway 339).

Before you get to the Laputa Road you are sure to see many horses and cows that are grazing. The roads around this area, including the Laputa Road are actually farm roads that have been used by local people from long ago to transport hay.

Mark 1 – Jizo

When you go along the Milk Road, there is the important Jizo statue that marks the entrance to the Laputa Road. You turn left with this jizo to your left and go off of the Milk Road. Then you are coming up closer to the Laputa Road.

Go Up the Hill

After going off the Milk Road, there is a gentle winding slope so you keep going further up.

Mark 2 – Laputa Rock

Then… you see this rock! It is not a tourist spot that is made public, so there aren’t any signs. This handwritten letters “Laputa Michi (Road)”, is a nice touch!


4. You’ve Arrived!


Tadah! Finally, finally, we have arrived. This is the Laputa Road! The Aso Region is a caldera so at times you see a sea of clouds form. Compare it with the 2 anime images that are shown at the very beginning. Isn’t it just like the world of Laputa!?

When it’s sunny, there is still the magnificent view!

Aaaand at night, the Laputa Street is illuminated with lights!

How was it?
We will continue to strive to deliver the best information from Japan! Information: Map

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