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Water that Stays Fresh for 100 Years!? Lamp no Yado: One of Japan’s 3 Power Spots

Lamp no Yado (an onsen ryokan) is located at Sanctuary Cape, which is at the very end of the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa. It started in 1579, the same time period as the daimyo warlord Oda Nobunaga. Sanctuary Cape is one of three power spots in Japan, along with Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi and Bungui-toge in Nagano.

Take a look at the top picture. The water emits a magical light. Can you feel the power? This inn is actually storing strange water said to be a century old. Somehow they’re still able to use it as drinking water! Perhaps it’s the effect of some energy…


1. Sacred Cape (Suzu-misaki)


Lamp no Yado is built along the bay.


2. Private Rotemburo: Nami no Yu


Within the building floating on the pool is an open-air rotemburo bath. Together with the vivid blue lights, it creates a magical space.

You can look out to the Sea of Japan from the rotemburo and vanish away the stresses of your everyday.


3. Private Room with Rotemburo: Nami no Rikyu

露天風呂付客室 離れ「波の離宮」 40000 yen ~ 70000 yen

This is the fanciest room in this ryokan. The gentle light from the lamps illuminate the Japanese-style room and futon and make you forget all about the 21st century.


4. Private Room with Rotemburo (Standard)

露天風呂付客室(通常) 30000 yen

This is the standard room but it comes with its own rotemburo. The moderately-sized wooden tub provides greater charm.


5. Public Rotemburo

露天風呂 18000 yen ~ 23000 yen

Bathe while you experience the smells of the salts from the Sea of Japan. A superb view! The best one at Lamp!


6. Japanese Food


This is REAL Japanese food! They don’t cut corners even with how they serve it. This is at the heart of Japanese hospitality (Omotenashi).


7. Air Observatory: Sky Bird

空中展望台スカイバード 500 yen

It juts 9.5m from the cliff. Come stand here and take a deep breath of power!


8. Power Hole


This is one of 15. This power hole formed gradually over 5 million years (according to their official site).


9. Hidden Cave


You can enter the cave with a boat. This is within the grounds of Lamp no Yado so the general public can’t easily enter here.


10. Frame Stone


A great place for a photo. Everyone takes a photo peeking their faces out from the other side.


11. In Conclusion

There’s truly no other place around Lamp no Yado, giving you a taste of coming to a solitary island. The moonlight illuminates the Japanese-style garden and is very beautiful.

Now it’s getting late and it’s time we get to bed… But come back for more about the real Japan that only we Japanese can tell you!





Information: Lamp no Yado

Address: 10-11 Misakimachi Jike, Suzu-shi, Ishikawa
[label style=”3″]Nearest station[/label]: Suzu Station (珠洲駅)
Phone: 0768-86-8000
Price: Described above
Official Website: Lamp no Yado

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