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8 Sightseeing Routes for Kyoto Shinsengumi: Visit Famous and Unknown Places with Ease!

Today’s article on sightseeing routes for the Kyoto Shinsengumi was also a request from a reader. This course goes from “Omiya Station” on the Hankyu Kyoto line to the front of the JR Kyoto Station. We also have a route map at the bottom so everything to go smoothly!


1. Koenji


Let’s start at Koenji, famous as the gravesite for the Shinsengumi! It’s about 3 minutes from Omiya Station.

It says “Shinsengumi Gravesite” on the stone pillar.

Anyone can enter for 100 yen…

And then you can pay your respects for the graves of the samurai.


2. Mibudera


Next is Mibudera, the famed resting place for 11 people including Kondo Isami.

There’s a statue of Kondo Isami. He’s THE samurai!

And every year on 7/16 they have a parade. The Shinsengumi revive for 1 day only!
*It was suspended in 2015.


3. Yagitei


Next is Yagitei, which is right next door. It’s where the Shinsengumi originated because it was used by leaders like Kondo Isami and Hijikata Toshizo.

There are many slashes in the room left behind from fighting. They try to keep it preserved as it was.

Take a small break with matcha and a Japanese sweet.


4. Kyu-Maekawatei


Kyu-maekawatei was also used as their headquarters, just like Yagitei.

Only one part is open to the public because there’s currently people living here. They sell goods and have katana and things on display.


5. Ikedaya-sodo no Ato 


The site of Ikedaya-sodo no Ato is famous for the Shinsengumi. It’s just a stone monument now with a regular restaurant (currently an izakaya). But the inside is ingenious! It’s in the opposite direction of everything else but check it out if you have time. (It’s at the very bottom of the Google map.)


6. Nishihonganji


Nishihonganji-taikoro was one of their posts.

The pillar cut with the Shinsengumi swords is still there. This pillar (north assembly hall) is currently being held at the hontokuji at Himeji.


7. Shichijoaburakojitsuji




8. Doso-jinja’s Paper Lanterns


Let’s check out the paper lanterns before returning to Kyoto Station. There’s not just red—the white ones are nice too.

Go sightseeing on our route and experience some Japanese history. And when you feel comfortable, try making your own Shinsengumi map! Please share it with us if it’s a good one.


Information: Shinsengumi Routes by Goin’ Japanesque!

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