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Kit Kats in Japan, how many flavors do you know?

Here’s a snack that’s loved all around the world! Kit Kats in Japan are made by Nestlé, not Hershey did you know? Often times they’re sold in bulks like these which consist of mini-packs inside. We see the normal flavor and the dark chocolate in this picture, but there are limited flavors here like “strawberry” and “matcha (green tea).” These two are popular as souvenirs for foreigners. 


Matcha flavor

Loooooove it!


Limited flavors

Ref: overseas reaction blog

・Cheese cake (チーズケーキ)
・Chili pepper (唐辛子)
・Cherry blossom matcha (桜抹茶)
・Apple (りんご)
・Red sweet potato (紅いも)
・Wasabi (わさび)
・Strawberry (いちご)
・Yubari melon (夕張メロン)
・Cinnamon (シナモン) etc…..

I wanna eat all flavors ~ ! 


Souvenir at Narita Airport (Tax free)

Gotta try the strawberry and matcha flavored ones! Plus……… Chili pepper!! 


Information: Narita Airport

Official Website: Narita Airport
Access: Train 
Phone: +81(0)476-34-8000

The latest information: Terminal 3 will open on Wednesday, 8 April 2015. Official Website: Terminal 3

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