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Kimono show in Kyoto (free of charge) you can’t miss!

This is Nishijin Textile Center. The first floor of it provides a space for you to see Kimono show for free of charge. 

A lot of women wearing various patterns of Kimono appeared on stage one by one! The show starts from here. Please see it and consider which kimono you like. If you found a favorite one, make comments :) 


The decoration on the head is called “Kanzashi” (Japanese hairpin) in Japan. Its design is a cherry blossom, which is very nice :) 

Next one is sky blue Kimono. It makes us feel so fine. So it seems to fit young people the best. You can also use it as patterns of “Yukata” (Japanese summer Kimonos) to go to “matsuri” (Japanese festivals). 

This design makes us imagine adult women. 

We can describe this as one word, “beautiful”!! 

Please don’t forget about this Kimono show because I think when you go on a trip to Kansai area in Japan you have high chances of sightseeing Kyoto. 

I do recommend this to you! What’s more, it’s free of charge 


Information: Nishijin Textile Center

Kimono show is held seven times a day. (About 15 minutes, Free)

1th 10:00
2th 10:50
3th 11:45
4th 13:15
5th 14:15
6th 15:15
7th 16:00

Address: 414 Tatemonzen-cyo, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-city
Open: 9:00 ~ 17:00
Phone: 075-451-9231
Price: Admission free

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