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Kimono dolls; Traditional to Modern

Even if you’re not a figure lover, these kimono-wearing dolls would sparkle like a gem for kimono fans. They’re not exactly the traditional types with the thin eyes and wooden material, but these have more taste of the modern figure fever that goes on. It’s also more affordable than the traditional dolls, so if you happen to love figures AND kimonos, these products will sure satisfy you.

The kimonos are made from actual textures, and vary in pattern and color for obis. It kinda makes it hard to get a perfect piece, because what will you do when you like the pattern or print of the kimono, but not the hair color or the facial expression? lol. I don’t know if you can just exchange the head or not, but this alone might be a HUGE dilemma for people who are just interested in the perfect piece.

Which kimono pattern would you like to wear in real life? 

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