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Goin’ Japanesque!

Kawaii! Just look at these ADORABLE mops!

Raise your hand if you hate cleaning the house! ….I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. lol. Just look at these ADORABLE mops for house dusts! I can tell that I’m gonna have a good time when I’ll use them. It’s like they’re saying “Don’t you worry, I’m here to help you clean!” or “You’ll be all happy once you’re done with, just like me!” or simply “GIVE DUST TO ME! NOM NOM!!” lol

I know that by the time I finish using these they’re gonna be dusty covered with greys and trash, but instead of throwing them in the cleaning section, I just wanna display these in my room. Maybe I’ll buy one for actual use, and another same one for cleaning….since they’re just a buck! What am I waiting for?? 

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Goin’ Japanesque!

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