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Goin’ Japanesque!

Learn Japanese! 5 Classic Japanese Children’s Songs

We had some requests from our readers so today we’ll be talking about Japanese children’s songs and games. Check them out to learn some Japanese!

Children’s Songs: These are songs that were shared orally and derived from children’s games or life. They represent the reality of those times.
**In recent years, the lyric meanings were considered startling and spread overseas through anime. Children who played with these did so without thinking too hard about the words so the truth varies and we can’t say anything for certain.

We’ve included the song, lyrics and how to play so you can watch while you study.


1. Kagome Kagome


Kagome Kagome
Kago no Naka no Tori wa
Itsu Itsu Deyaru
Yoake no Ban ni
Tsuru to Kame ga Subetta
Ushiro no Shomen Dare

How to Play

When the song ends, the person sitting in the middle guesses who’s behind them.


2. Zui Zui Zukkorobashi


Zui Zui Zukkorobashi Gomamiso Zui
Chatsubo ni Owarete Toppinshan
Nuketara Dondokosho
Tawara no Nezumi ga Komekutte Chu
Chu Chu Chu

Otosan ga Yondemo Okasan ga Yondemo
Ido no Mawari de Ochawan Kaita no Dare

How to Play (0:40 ~)


3. Hanaichimonme


Katte Ureshii Hanaichimonme
Makete Kuyashii Hanaichimonme
Anoko ga Hoshii Anokoja Wakaran
Soudan Shimasho Soushimasho

*Hanaichimonme has different lyrics depending on the region it’s from.

How to Play


4. Sacchan


1. Sacchan wane Sachikotte iunda honto wane
Dakedo chicchai kara jibun no koto sacchantte yobun dayo
Okashii na Sacchan

The Lyric Meanings:
Sacchan is still a little kid so she refers to herself as “Sacchan.” So funny~

2. Sacchan wane Banana ga daisuki honto dayo
Dakedo chicchai kara banana o hanbun shika taberarenai no
Kawaisou ne Sacchan

The Lyric Meanings:
Sacchan is still a little kid so she can only eat half of the bananas she loves so much. Poor thing~

3. Sacchan ga ne Tooku e icchautte honto kana
Dakedo chicchai kara boku no koto wasurete shimau daro
Sabishii na Sacchan

The Lyric Meanings:
Is Sacchan really moving away? Sacchan is still a little kid so she’ll probably forget me. So sad~


5. Yubikiri Genman


Yubikiri Genman
Usotsuitara Harisenbon Nomasu

The Lyric Meanings:
This is a song you sing when making a pinky swear, then you separate with a “yubi kitta!” or “our fingers were cut”. You use this when swearing to keep a promise and if you break that promise, you vow to swallow 1,000 needles.

If there’s something about Japan you’d like to know more, please comment! ↓ We’ll write about what you guys want to know!

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