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Goin’ Japanesque!

Free Japanese Lessons


Hifumi practices Japanese martial arts and loves technology--especially robots! He loves exploring Japan by shinkansen. He's very energetic and always tries his hardest.


Omatsu-chan loves teaching people about the Japanese language and its traditions. She sings at karaoke with her friends and occasionally even cosplays! She's very outgoing and has a bubbly personality.

Hifumi-kun and Omatsu-chan from Goin’ Japanesque! Japanese lessons are now available as official LINE stamps! Let’s incorporate these stamps into your daily LINE chat with your friends and families. Students who are studying Japanese can’t miss this!

< Three types >
En - Japanese Style Stickers with English
Tw - 日常對話中常用之日文+繁體字日式風格貼圖
Ja - Japanese only

GJ Official LINE Stickers, Japanese Style Message Stamps: