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“YAKICHI” A High Quality Japanese Izakaya

Today we have come to an izakaya in Akihabara called “Yakichi”. In Japan, we call a restaurant that serves dinner and drinks an izakaya. This izakaya has a really nice ambiance. What are we waiting for, let’s go in! 



Going down the steps that lead to the restaurant on the basement level, we get a surprise greeting from fresh fish. They are chilled on a bed of ice. They look like they’re freezing, lol. The prices are listed too and it seems they are about 1,500 to 1,800 Japanese yen a piece.


Private room

This place doesn’t let you down! They have private rooms that feel very Japanese, which is one element Yakichi is really proud of. 


Otoshi – Appetizer


As with many cuisines around the world, the Japanese also start the meal with an appetizer. An appetizer served at an izakaya is called otoshi in Japanese. Here you are able to choose from 4 types of otoshi. Today they served shiokara (salt-preserved) of squid and sweet shrimp. They make a very good pairing with sake so definitely worth a try when you come to Japan. They make a great paring with wine too.




So, now that we are settled we ask the server for recommendations. Then… Hm? Haven’t we seen these guys before… and yes, indeed! It’s the fresh fish that we saw when we first walked in! They cut the fish as it’s ordered, so it’s gotta be good! 

The fish we saw earlier, turned out like this. Here it’s grilled with salt. 


How to eat white-flesh fish sashimi

And this is an assortment of 6 kinds of sashimi of white-flesh fish! Rare fish like gomahata(type of grouper) and higesoridai (black grunt) are served, a rare delicacy even us Japanese have never heard of. 

And to share a brief explanation of how we eat it, many people think sashimi is best eaten with soy sauce and wasabi. But here we have white-flesh fish. In Japan, it is common to have white-flesh fish sashimi with ponzu (sauce containing soy sauce and vinegar or citrus juice). It is eaten with ponzu and relish. Next to the wasabi that looks like 2 little mounds are the relishes which are called “asatsuki” (green) and “momiji-oroshi” (red). “Asatsuki” is similar to green onions. And “momiji-oroshi” is red chili peppers mixed in with grated daikon radish. It looks so beautiful like the red of the momiji (Japanese maple) leaves! Ummm, delish! 


Tempura of soft cod roe


And let’s go for the tempura too! This is tempura of soft cod roe. Highly recommended with a dash of powdered matcha green tea. 




And now for the last dish! A favorite of Japanese is chazuke with sea bream! Sea bream sashimi, garnish, special sauce, all topped on rice, and you eat it after pouring extremely HOT tea on it. It was so good, it only took seconds to finish.

The izakaya, “Yakichi” we visited this time is a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh sashimi and Japanese cuisine in a relaxing private room. Other than Akihabara, they have locations in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro. Definitely recommended! 



Address: Sanhousakuma Bld. B1, 1-11-1 Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Open: Monday ~ Thursday 17:00 – 00:30, Friday 17:00 – 3:00, Saturday 17:00 – 23:00 (Sunday: Closed)
Phone: 03-5256-5688
Price: Total average 4200-yen
Language: English 〇
Wi-Fi: 〇

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