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What would you like on your salad, sir? The “ao-jiso dressing?”

What would you like on your salad, sir? We have ample selection of dressings, from the usual French, Italian, cesar, thousand island, and onion. Oh, you’re actually sick and tired of these everyday dressings? If you want to venture out for a more oriental taste, we also have sesame, butter soy sauce, and Japan’s favorite, the “ao-jiso dressing.”

“Shiso” is a perilla plant, and is widely known and used in East Asia. Similar to celery and parsley, it has a distinctive taste. Since shiso can be difficult to find overseas, it’s a chance to try this valuable vegetable. Even people who dislike plants with strong scent or taste can be a shiso lover, so you never know till you try!

The leaves can be used raw, or as a flavor like this dressing, or is popular as a flavor for sake, such as shochus. 






Ao-jiso Tempura



Sake: Tan-taka-tan




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