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Goin’ Japanesque!

5+3+1 Check This Out If You Want to Live in Japan!: Strange Customs + Helpful Tips + Warning

Here is a list of 9 things specific to Japanese culture and are considered unique from other countries. This article is not to say, “Act this way if you come to Japan!”, but rather it should make you laugh and say, “really? what’s that?!”. We would be more than happy if any of these points are helpful and can be adapted. 



1. Bowing Even Over the Phone

Japanese people bow for many occasions. Even when there is no one watching, the bowing action comes naturally.

Tip 1
If you are in Japan and are even bowing to the person you are talking to over the phone, you may be giving those around you a good impression!


2. Warikan (Going Dutch)


Kanpai! This signals the start of the office nomikai(drinking party). 

Even if you come late, or even if you only have 1 beer, at times the tab is split evenly in warikan style… It seems to someone from outside of Japan, they feel like “It’s wrong! I’m being jipped!” 


3. Nodding Off with Unguarded Valuables

This is a scene often seen on trains. “Their possessions are in danger!”, you must think. Using handbags that do not close without hesitation seems unique to Japan.  

His cell phone’s fallen. lol 

This is out of the ordinary. So skillful, almost like a ninja, lol. 


4. Don’t Mind Miniskirts

Women really like wearing miniskirts as a part of their style. What’s strange is that they are fine with their underwear almost showing on stairs or on bikes but they are abnormally embarrassed when their bra strap is showing, lol. 


5. A Gift Called Oseibo


Oseibo is given as a sign of appreciation for the entire year. It is customary to deliver them around mid December to before Christmas time and they are often sent to bosses at work or to business partners. A similar gift sent during the summer time is called ochugen.

Tip 2
Specialty foods from regional areas that cannot be eaten regularly are really appreciated. (At the very bottom of the article)
→ Selected 5+3: Additions That Make Japanese Want to Eat Rice



6. Unten Daiko (Driving Agent)


When you drink, you are not allowed to drive.

Tip 3
In such a case, use a driving agent service. They will drive your car on your behalf and take both you and the car to your destination. It is an evolved version of a taxi. 


7. Newspaper Delivery on a Rainy Day

It is carefully wrapped not to get wet. This of course is not done to throw the paper into the yard, but it is placed in the mailbox like this.


8. ID Photos


Near stations, inside stations, in front of super markets, they’re almost everywhere.

Tip 4
It should be helpful when you have a job interview in Japan. It’s OK, just think of it like a Purikura.

Purikura Article: “Purikura” Print Club, the fabulizer



9. Futon


Maybe because people are used to beds, there are many who leave their futon laid out on the floor. This can lead to disaster later!

Tip 5
Mold appears at once on the back of the futon, so be sure to fold the futon. Futon’s are meant to be folded.

Was this helpful? And was it funny? If you want to live in Japan but have any concerns, feel free to contact us. We will offer our full support :)

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